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About Us

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California Business Benefits


California Business Benefits is an independent consulting, comprehensive California benefits and insurance brokerage.  Additionally, offer no cost, independent consulting to help businesses of all sizes and sectors to provide comprehensive business benefits packages, insurances, new market opportunities, maintain compliance, and plan for their future. Alongside being a one stop shop for retirement and financial planning through the Financial Management Network Inc (FMN). Since 2004, we have been committed to cultivating long-term, personal relationships with each and every one of our clients. 

With decades of experience, our team of professionals will help support you and your business with group medical insurance, group life insurance, business planning, estate planning, retirement planning,  property casualty insurance,  compliance and much more.  

It is paramount to ensure that you and your business are providing that of what is required. Safeguarding the compensation of your employees within your budget, is our top priority. We also take advantage of tax preferred opportunities in the “qualified benefit arena,” a concept often overlooked. We recognize that business deductions are a moving target with rapidly changing laws, and we want to help you navigate this potential minefield of risks and opportunities with confidence.

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