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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been designed and developed to make you aware of the various terms and conditions regarding the usage of our website, and to make sure that everything is transparent. We value our customers’ privacy. Therefore, we’ve come up with this privacy policy, and make sure it’s easily available to our customers. It will help you understand how we handle all kinds of information available on our website. When you submit a form, know that we will contact you as soon as possible.

Log Files and Cookies

Our website uses certain business analytics plans to make sure you have a clear idea about logs and cookies. This helps our technicians and experts gather some important information about people visiting the website. We store this crucial information on our server log files. This important information may include standard IP details, IP addresses, operating system, web browser type, date/time stamps, referring pages and more.

We always keep all the information anonymous. We don’t use any piece of information to identify individuals. The information we collect helps us provide customers with a better experience on our website. In addition to this, it helps us with better management of the website. It also allows us to examine various trends and usage.

With the presence of cookies, you’re able to access our website easily and quickly. It’s worth mentioning that cookies are very small text files, which are conveniently saved on different servers for reference. Once again, we would like to mention that we don’t use any information collected in cookies to gather more data about you. Your information is always kept anonymous. However, we don’t have access over cookies, which may be utilized by other online marketers on our website.

Urls and Links to Other Websites

It’s worth mentioning that our website may also include various hyperlinks to some other websites. These websites may not be under our umbrella. Therefore, we don’t have control over other third party websites. When you click on certain links, it’s completely your responsibility. You should also abide by the privacy policy of the third party and our website. We won’t be responsible for privacy policies or other practices of third parties.

We always recommend visitors to individually check other privacy policies available on every website they visit. This allows them to safeguard rights and information. Regardless of whether another website is connected to our service or not, you should go through its privacy policy.

Use of Private Data

Once you sign up for our services, and provide us with any crucial, sensitive or personally identifiable information, you can stay assured that we won’t share this information with any third party companies. In case it’s necessary to share the information, we will ask for your prior consent.

It’s very important to note that when you publish short articles or comments in a weblog board, forum or message board on our website, we don’t use personally recognizable information provided to use in these articles and comments. You have the right to remove the comments from the website.

However, it’s important to note that other people watching this information may utilize, review and collect it. We won’t be responsible if any other party picks up the information from any mediums on the website. We will make sure all the information provided to us isn’t shared with any third party without your prior consent.

Access to Personally Recognizable Information

It’s possible to make changes to the personal information you’ve provided to our company. If you need to make changes to the personal details or wish for our website to not possess your information any long, you should ask us to modify, update or remove the personal information from our database. We will take the necessary action.


We always abide by the market criteria defined by authorities to secure personal and private data. However, you need to understand that no policy or procedure related to digital storage can be completely safe and secure. Like other businesses in different industries, we can’t assure completely safety and security of the information.

Legal Disclaimer

We have the right to reveal all the personal information and details whenever required by the law. We can also disclose the information to comply with all kinds of judicial proceedings to protect our rights.

Privacy Policy

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